The following temporary uses are permitted as of right, without obtaining a zoning clearance permit from the Community Development Director:
   A.   Garage sales conducted in R Districts or on lots occupied by residential dwelling units no more than two (2) times in any calendar year and for no more than four (4) consecutive days per occurrence. These limits apply on a per-lot basis, regardless of the person conducting the garage sale. No person conducting a garage sale may sell merchandise at the garage sale acquired solely for resale purposes. Garage sales are sometimes referred to as "yard sales", "estate sale", "moving sales", "occasional sales" and other similar names. All such sales, by whatever name, are classified and regulated as "garage sales". Authorization to conduct more than two (2) garage sales in any calendar year requires review and approval in accordance with the special exception procedures of section 10-15-12 of this title.
   B.   Temporary dumpsters are allowed on lots with ongoing construction, subject to compliance with all the following regulations:
      1.   Temporary dumpsters related to ongoing construction are permitted for a period in which construction is ongoing and all required permits remain valid.
      2.   Temporary dumpsters may not exceed twenty two feet (22') in length, eight feet (8') in width, and 8.5 feet in height.
      3.   Temporary dumpsters must comply with all structure setback requirements of the subject zoning district.
      4.   Temporary dumpsters are prohibited within stormwater basins, or any other location that may cause hazardous conditions, constitute a threat to public safety, or create a condition detrimental to surrounding land uses and development.
      5.   In Single-Family Residential Zoning Districts and development areas, no more than one temporary dumpster may be located on any lot.
      6.   Temporary dumpsters are allowed on lots for a period of sixty (60) days following a natural disaster (act of God) occurring in the immediate area of the lot, to be used for the disposal of debris resulting from the natural disaster (act of God). The Community Development Director is authorized to grant extensions of the 60-day time limit. (Ord. 2018-16, 12-4-2018)