A.   Occupations Specified: A license fee is hereby levied on every person engaging in, exercising or pursuing any of the following for-profit businesses, professions, trades, occupations or privileges in this City, in the amount set by the City Council by motion or resolution on itinerant occupations, including the following:
      1.   Agents or solicitors selling insurance, or taking orders for insurance policies;
      2.   Agents or solicitors selling or taking orders for sale of books, magazines, periodicals or publications of any description;
      3.   Carnival, circus or menagerie where admission is charged;
      4.   Collection agents;
      5.   Concessions, games and amusements not a part of an organized carnival where a fee is charged;
      6.   Fortune tellers;
      7.   Palm readers;
      8.   Persons selling or undertaking to sell unsolicited services not specifically listed herein;
      9.   Photographers;
      10.   Real estate agents;
      11.   Shows, including tent shows, other than circuses and menageries, where admission is charged; or
      12.   Salesmen, solicitors, vendors or peddlers, selling or taking orders for sale of goods and merchandise at retail not heretofore listed.
   B.   State Permit Required: In order to receive a license under this Chapter, every person regulated pursuant to this Section is required to possess a valid and current State sales tax permit if such person is a vendor subject to collection of sales taxes under the Sales Tax Code of the City and State. A copy of this permit shall be provided by the applicant for a license to the City Clerk prior to issuance of the City license.
   C.   Term; Delinquency; Proration: All annual occupation taxes hereinbefore assessed each and every year shall become delinquent after May 1 unless another expiration is provided. License fees are prorated if purchased new (not renewal) after May 1 with a minimum fee of one dollar ($1.00). (Refer to Appendix A following this Code.) (1988 Code § 9-101)