(a)   A waiver of the registration requirement of an extension of a waiver may be granted upon application of the owner if the owner provides satisfactory proof to the Director and/or designee, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, that the vacancy is temporary and may be due to illness of the owner, active military service, or some other reasonable explanation believed to be short term in nature and documentable as necessary.
   (b)   Within 30 days after the waiver application is received by the Director and/or designee, the Director and/or designee shall grant or deny the waiver, or request for extension, in writing and dispatch the written decision by mail to the owner.  The Director’s decision is appealable under Section 1795.06(b).
   (c)   Any waiver granted shall include a beginning date and an ending date and shall be no longer than 90 days without good cause shown. (Passed 10-11-16.)