The revitalization of the core of the community is one of the paramount economic activities of the city. Downtown Price is currently a functioning and valuable economic area of the city, although it is generally recognized as needing greater support and improvement. The downtown area brings together the convergence of the three (3) most important business corridors in Price, which are Main Street, 100 North Street and Carbon Avenue. Each of these corridors make connection to U.S. Highway 6, providing the backbone for business opportunities and the economic success of the community.
Recognizing the importance for a vital and effective downtown, revitalization efforts through redevelopment and other programs are being shaped by the city and the business community. Several concepts have been recently introduced which will serve to make downtown Price more viable. They include:
   A.   Streetscape improvements (see section 17.10.140 of this chapter);
   B.   Historic preservation (see section 17.10.150 of this chapter);
   C.   Redevelopment agency funding and business assistance;
   D.   Special events held in the downtown area;
   E.   The attraction of additional retail and commercial services;
   F.   Potential expansion of the CEU Prehistoric Museum.
The downtown area is currently included in a redevelopment area of the Price City redevelopment agency (RDA).
Funding for improvements and business assistance in downtown has been administered through the city for several years. It is recommended that an extension or renewal of the RDA occurs, to maximize the ability for assisting revitalization efforts well into the future.
Holding special events, such as farmers' markets, art festivals and other street fairs, can be an effective method to draw more attention and business to the downtown area. Combining the efforts of the city with that of downtown business owners, the Carbon County chamber of commerce as well as local resident volunteers can create successful special event ventures.
With the help of economic and planning consultants, and the use of a community survey focused on the downtown area, the city has recently identified several unmet commercial and retail demands and community needs that can and should be met downtown (see appendix D, "Price City Community Survey And Executive Summary", Wikstrom Economic and Planning Consultants, as referenced in the ordinance codified herein, on file in the city). These include:
   A.   Additional retail anchors;
   B.   Restaurants, for lunchtime as well as nighttime dining;
   C.   Apparel stores, including specialty clothing and shoes;
   D.   Specialty shops such as sporting goods, nurseries/garden supplies, sewing, hobbies, crafts, stationery and books;
   E.   Entertainment, such as bowling, theaters, live music. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)