Article A. Definitions
4-101: Applicability
4-102: Definitions
4-103: Maximum Number
   Article B. Domestic Animals (Not Dogs Or Cats)
4-110: Permit Required
4-111: Contents Of Permit Application
4-112: Permit Application To Show Compliance
4-113: Health Approval Prerequisite To Permit
4-114: Permit Fees; Expiration, Renewal
4-115: Permits To Keep Pigeons
4-116: Medical Laboratories, Educational Institutions, Veterinary Hospitals Exempted For Distance Requirements
4-117: Preexisting Nonconforming Commercial Establishments
4-118: Area, Enclosure, Location For Large Animals, Except Swine
4-119: Area, Enclosure, Location For Small Animals, Except Dogs And Cats
4-120: Requirements For Building; Building Permit Required
4-121: Requirements For Fences
4-122: Sanitation Standards Generally
4-123: Sanitation Standards For Pigeons
4-124: Swine Keeping
4-125: Inspection Authorized
4-126: Running At Large Prohibited
4-127: Tethering On Right Of Way
4-128: Violations
   Article C. Dogs
4-130: Running At Large
4-131: Abandoning, Deserting
4-132: Failure To Surrender Violating Dogs
4-133: Vaccination, Registration, License Fee Required
4-134: Certification Of Vaccination
4-135: Frequency Of Vaccination
4-136: Exemption For Transient Dogs
4-137: Veterinarian's Records
4-138: License And Registration Fees
4-139: Failure To Keep Dog Tagged
4-140: Proclamation Of Rabies Epidemic
4-141: Procedure When Rabies Suspected
4-142: Authority To Seize, Impound Violators
4-143: Vicious Dogs Prohibited
4-144: When Dog Constitutes A Nuisance
4-145: Nuisance Dogs Prohibited
4-146: Procedure For Vicious Dogs
4-147: Procedure For Nuisance Dogs
4-148: Reclaiming Dogs
4-149: Unreclaimed Dogs
   Article D. Cats
4-150: Vaccination Required
4-151: Isolation, When
4-152: Release From Pound
   Article E. Impoundment
4-160: Stock Poundmaster In Charge Of Impounding Animals
4-161: Disposition Of Impounded Animals By Public Sale
4-162: Notice Of Sale Of Impounded Animals
4-163: Redemption Of Impounded Animals
4-164: Stock Poundmaster; Monthly Report
4-165: Pound Charges Allowed
4-166: Obstruction Of Impounding Of Animals Prohibited
4-167: Breaking Open Pound Prohibited
   Article F. Other Provisions; Penalty
4-170: Cruelty To Animals; Abandonment
4-171: Bird Sanctuary Designated
4-172: Acts Prohibited, Exception
4-173: Keeping Dangerous And Diseased Animals Prohibited
4-174: Dead Animals; Removal Of Dead Animals
4-175: Duty To Report Injury Or Death Of Animals Hit By Automobiles
4-176: Penalty