Article A. General Provisions
11-401: Designation Of City Owned Lakes And Reservoirs
11-402: Opening And Closing Hours
11-403: Wading, Swimming In Lake; Penalty For Violation
11-404: Throwing Unsanitary Items In Lake Prohibited
11-405: Burning Of Trash, Brush On Land Around Lake
11-406: Collection And Disposal Of Garbage And Refuse Around Lake; Provision For Violation Thereof
   Article B. Boating Regulations
11-410: License To Operate Boats
11-411: Fees
11-412: Issuance; Terms; Conditions
11-413: Numbering Of Boats; Renewal
11-414: Revocation
11-415: Restrictions On Operation And Use Of Boats Generally
   Article C. Fishing Regulations
11-420: Fishing License Required; Exceptions
11-421: Permanent Licenses For Persons Over Sixty Five Or Persons Wheelchair-Confined
11-422: Fees
11-423: Issuance; Terms And Conditions; Restriction On Use Of Certain Fishing Devices; Penalties
11-424: Revocation
11-425: Authority For Use Of Lake Granted Under Fishing Licenses
11-426: Restrictions Upon Kind And Amount Of Fish Taken
11-427: Restrictions On Use Of Certain Bait
   Article D. Hunting Regulations
11-430: Hunting License Required
11-431: Permanent Licenses For Residents Sixty Five Years Of Age Or Over; Persons Under Sixteen Years Of Age Prohibited
11-432: Fees
11-433: Issuance; Terms; Conditions
11-434: Revocation
11-435: Types Of Hunting Permitted And Prohibited
11-436: Blinds For Waterfowl Hunting Permitted; Fees
11-437: Authority Granted Under Hunting Licenses Generally
11-438: Prohibitions And Restrictions On Hunting Generally
   Article E. Camping
11-440: Camping Permitted; Types Of Camping; Areas Designated
11-441: Campfires
11-442: Fees
   Article F. General Provisions Relating To Camping, Hunting, Fishing And Boating
11-450: Woodcutting Prohibited
11-451: Waterskiing Prohibited
11-452: Private Boat Docks Prohibited
11-453: Fruit And Nut Gathering
11-454: Persons Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor Or Drugs; Providing For A Test Therefor And Providing Penalty
   Article G. Penalties For Violation
11-460: Penalties
   Article H. Pavilion Regulations
11-470: Fees