(a)   The Commissioner of Air Pollution Control is hereby authorized to conduct or cause to be conducted, any test or tests of any new or existing process, fuel-burning, refuse- burning, or control equipment the operation of which in his judgment may result in emissions in excess of the limitations contained in Chapter 1377 or when the emissions from any such equipment may exceed the limits of emissions provided for herein.
   (b)   All tests shall be conducted in a manner determined by the Commissioner and a complete detailed test report of such test or tests shall be submitted to him.
   When tests are taken by the owner or independent testers employed by the owner, the Commissioner shall require that said tests be conducted by reputable qualified personnel and shall stipulate that a qualified representative or representatives of the Portsmouth Air Pollution Control be present during the conduction of such tests.  The Commissioner may stipulate a reasonable time limit for the completion of such test and the submission of test reports.
   (c)   Nothing in this section concerning tests conducted by and paid for by any person or his authorized agent shall be deemed to abridge the right of the Commissioner or his representative to conduct separate or additional tests of any process, fuel-burning, refuse-burning, or control equipment on behalf of the City, whether or not such tests related to emissions controlled by specific limitations under this Code.
(Ord. 1970-69.  Passed 7-28-70.)