The Commissioner of Air Pollution Control under the supervision and direction of the Board shall:
   (a)   Supervise the execution of all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to air pollution as provided in this chapter.
   (b)   Institute complaints against all violators of any provisions of this chapter and institute necessary legal proceedings, either personally or through his representatives.
   (c)   Issue and have served upon violators orders requiring the repair of equipment or abatement of conditions not in compliance with this Code.
   (d)   Compel the prevention and abatement of air pollution or odors or nuisances arising therefrom.
   (e)   Examine and approve or disapprove the plans for fuel-burning, refuse-burning, process and control equipment to be installed, constructed, re-constructed, altered or added to.
   (f)   Make inspections and tests of existing and newly installed equipment subject to this chapter to determine whether such equipment complies with this Code.
   (g)   Investigate complaints of violations of the provisions of this Code and make inspections and observations of air pollution conditions.  Records shall be maintained of all such investigations, complaints, inspections and observations.
   (h)   Approve or reject applications for permits and administer the issuance of certificates of operation, notices, waiver citations, permits and other documents required under the provisions of this Code.
   (i)   Prepare and place before the Board for their consideration proposals for additions or revisions to this chapter, or other rules and regulations pertaining to air pollution.
   (j)   Encourage voluntary cooperation by persons or affected groups in the preservation and restoration of the purity of the outdoor atmosphere.
   (k)   Collect and remit to appropriate officials of the City fees collected for certificates of operation or examination of permits.
   (l)   Work with other City agencies for the purpose of coordinating activities for the common municipal good.
   (m)   Conduct tests and make studies of air contaminants, whether or not controlled by specific limitations of this Code.
      (Ord. 1970-69.  Passed 7-28-70.)