Commercial establishments, including houses with more than four (4) units, will follow Section 941.11, “Preparation and Storage of Commercial and Multiple Dwelling Refuse for Collection”.
   (a)   The City shall issue one (1) serial numbered tipper cart to each single residential unit.  The serial number shall be matched to the residential address for billing purposes.  Additional tipper carts, up to three (3), can be issued if the occupant determines one tipper cart is not sufficient.  A fee of five dollars ($5.00) shall be charged monthly for each additional issued can, and added to the monthly collection and disposal fee.
   (b)   All tipper carts are the property of the City of Portsmouth on loan to its residence and shall not be sold, traded, abused, defaced, or removed from the residential unit to which they were assigned.
   (c)   It shall be the duty of the occupant of each single residential unit to account for and maintain the issued tipper cart.  The City shall make repairs or replace tipper carts that are damaged due to normal wear.  The occupant shall be assessed the replacement cost of the tipper carts that are lost or damaged by misuse or neglect.
      (Ord. 2008-64.  Passed 12-8-08.)