(a)   Before a building permit shall be issued for construction/remodeling of a residential, commercial establishment, condominium or multiple dwelling, arrangements for the storage/disposal of refuse and location of containers must be approved by the City.
   (b)   Commercial containers at existing commercial establishments and multiple dwellings shall be placed at locations approved by the City for collection by the City.  The City will not collect refuse from commercial establishments or multiple dwellings unless it is placed in commercial containers, properly located.  Cardboard boxes shall be flattened and placed in containers.
   (c)   The occupant, or occupants, of commercial establishments and the management of multiple dwellings serviced by commercial containers shall be responsible for maintaining the area surrounding such commercial containers clean and free of accumulations of refuse and each container shall have a lid that is secured.
(Ord. 2006-45.  Passed 6-26-06.)
   (d)   All garbage and rubbish shall be placed in watertight paper or plastic bags with the tops secured prior to placing in commercial containers.
   (e)   Commercial containers containing any of the following items will not be emptied:
      (1)   Large household or industrial appliances.
      (2)   Furniture.
      (3)   Tires.
      (4)   Wooden crates.
      (5)   Logs or limbs over four (4) feet in length or four (4) inches in diameter.
      (6)   Bed springs.
      (7)   Rock, dirt, concrete blocks, etc.
      (8)   Uncontainerized garbage, yard debris and household trash.
   (f)   Normal household appliances will be collected on a special fee basis at multiple dwellings served by commercial containers, when placed adjacent to the commercial container and reported to the department.  Furthermore, any appliance containing freon must be evacuated prior to pickup for disposal and a certificate must be presented.
   (g)   It is unlawful to place or cause to be placed in any refuse can or container for collection any acid, explosive material, flammable liquids, regulated chemical, or dangerous or corrosive material of any kind.
(Ord.  2002-106.  Passed 9-23-02.)
   (h)   Any commercial container (including, roll-off or dumpster) that is set on a public street shall be affixed with reflective tape.  The tape shall be no less than two inches wide and twelve inches in length.  There shall be a total of eight strips, with one each placed at the corners of each edge of the four sides. (Ord. 2005-42.  Passed 5-9-05.)