§ 155.35  GENERAL.
   (A)   The land use plan was designed to be an interim guide and control until the time as the city obtains sufficient growth and has a more diversified and stabilized economic base.
   (B)   The land use as shown coupled with the community facilities envisions a city in 1975 of approximately 12,000 population and 800 acres, with 20% residential, 20% tourist facilities, 20% public, 10% commercial, 30% industrial and an average density of 20 persons per acre.
   (C)   It is recognized that at present the city does not have the legal powers of annexation or the control of land outside its city limits, but within a short time this will be possible; therefore, through its influence in the interim, the city can encourage growth in a normal and orderly pattern as outlined in §§ 155.36 through 155.41 below.
   (D)   It must be noted that the plan is general in nature and many major and minor adjustments will and should be made as each case arises, or as the plan is influenced by unforseen events; but it is believed, that the plan presents the most ideal and economical use of land under normal present and future conditions.
(Ord. 218, passed 6-13-1960)