(A)   Should a home occupation permit holder or conditional use permit holder die or move to a new location, the existing permit shall be automatically terminated, except that, in the case of death, should a surviving spouse or child residing at the same address desire to continue the home occupation, written notice to that effect shall be given to the Building Department, and the City Commission may authorize continuation of that permit without further hearing.
   (B)   Permits and conditional use permits, once granted, may be revoked by the City Commission for cause after hearing before the City Commission. Complaints seeking the revocation of the permit shall be filed with the Building Department and may be initiated by the Zoning Commission or any three residents of the block (both sides where the home occupation is being conducted). Publication and notice requirements shall be the same as for home occupation conditional use permit application hearings.
   (C)   All business being conducted at property zones for residential use on the effective date of this chapter shall have 30 days thereafter to apply for the necessary permit or conditional use permit.
   (D)   Persons who were conducting a business from property zoned for residential use on the effective date of this chapter must make application under § 113.06 but may continue to conduct the business pending final determination of their application. Should the City Commission deny the petition for conditional use permit, all persons shall immediately cease their business activities from the residential premises.
(Ord. 576, passed 5-27-1997)