A home occupation permit for the following home occupations shall be issued by the Building Official upon application to the Building Code Enforcement Department and payment of the permit fee, without hearing, provided that the home occupation is conducted solely and singly by the applicant, who shall reside on the premises, does not constitute a significant impact upon the neighborhood, and conforms to all the rules and regulations of § 113.04:
   (A)   Dressmaking, sewing and tailoring;
   (B)   Painting, sculpturing or writing;
   (C)   Telephone answering;
   (D)   Home crafts, such as model making, rug weaving, lapidary work and cabinet making;
   (E)   Tutoring, limited to one student at a time;
   (F)   Home cooking and preserving;
   (G)   Computer programming; and
   (H)   Secretarial service.
(Ord. 576, passed 5-27-1997)