All home occupations, whether authorized by permit or conditional use permit, shall conform to the following standards.
   (A)   Permitted home occupations shall not be conducted in any building on the premises other than the building which is used by the occupant as the private dwelling; and, furthermore, that not more than one room may be used for the purpose.
   (B)   No interior or exterior business sign shall be permitted unless authorized by the sign regulations for residential districts.
   (C)   There shall be no exterior garage storage of business equipment, materials, merchandise, inventory or heavy equipment.
   (D)   The set aside for home occupations shall not exceed 20% of the total floor area of the residence.
   (E)   Permitted home occupations shall not include the employment of any persons not residing on the premises in the performance of the occupation.
   (F)   The use of mechanical equipment, vehicle or boat repair, body work or any automotive service other than is usual for purely domestic or hobby purposes is prohibited.
   (G)   Merchandise shall not be displayed or offered for sale either within or outside of the residence.
   (H)   The operation of any wholesale or retail business, unless it is conducted entirely by mail, and does not involve the sale, shipment or delivery of merchandise on the premises, is prohibited.
   (I)   Any manufacturing business or activity which produces noxious matter or perceptible noise beyond the lot line is prohibited.
   (J)   Trucks shall not operate out of residential districts.
   (K)   Conditional use permits shall not be granted when it appears to the City Commission that the proposed home occupations will constitute a fire hazard to neighboring residences, will adversely affect neighboring property values, or will constitute a nuisance or otherwise be detrimental to the neighbors because of excessive traffic, excessive noise, odors or other circumstances.
   (L)   In order to guarantee that a home occupation, once authorized, will not become a nuisance to the neighbors or otherwise violate these guidelines, the Zoning Commission may recommend and the City Commission may impose reasonable conditions necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare.
   (M)   An applicant for permit or conditional use permit must reside at the location of the proposed home occupation.
   (N)   Garage sales are permitted without special permit provided they meet the following standards:
      (1)   Sales are no longer than three days;
      (2)   Sales are held no more than twice yearly;
      (3)   Sales are conducted on the owner's property. Multiple family sales are permitted if they are held on the property of one of the participants;
      (4)   No goods purchased for resale may be offered for sale;
      (5)   No consignment goods may be offered for sale.
      (6)   Directional signs may be placed on the street right-of-way;
      (7)   All directional and advertising signs shall be freestanding and removed after completion of the sale;
      (8)   All directional and advertising signs placed on private property shall have the owners' permission; and
      (9)   No directional or advertising signs may be larger than two feet by three feet.
(Ord. 576, passed 5-27-1997)