(A)   There is hereby established, pursuant to the provisions of section 30 of the Charter, a Development Services Department of the city under the direction of the Director of Development Services.
(‘58 Code, § 41.01) (Ord. 75-16, passed 12-30-74; Am. Ord. 76-32, passed 3-2-76; Am. Ord. 86-35, passed 1-21-86; Am. Ord. 2014-19, passed 2-11-14)
   (B)   The Development Services Department shall have the following functions.
      (1)   Prepare studies, reports, and recommendations relating to the comprehensive plan or any element thereof and the extensions or modifications of any elements of the comprehensive plan.
      (2)   Initiate individual area and neighborhood studies and prepare reports on these matters and, when deemed appropriate, prepare plans to guide the developments in those areas.
      (3)   Prepare annually a capital improvement program and budget pertaining thereto, together with recommendations relative to the priority of items listed and their conformity to the comprehensive plan, for submission to the City Commission.
      (4)   Investigate and examine all planning matters which have been referred to the Planning and Zoning Board.
      (5)   Make presentations on planning matters, before the City Commission, the Planning and Zoning Boards, and other governmental agencies and civic groups.
      (6)   To be responsible for determining the consistency of all governmental and private actions regarding the use and development of land with the comprehensive plan elements as adopted.
      (7)   Administer provisions of the zoning code as provided in Chapter 155.
      (8)   Perform any other duties as prescribed in this code.
(‘58 Code, § 41.03)
(Ord. 75-16, passed 12-30-74; Am. Ord. 76-32, passed 3-2-76; Am. Ord. 82-1, passed 10-20-81; Am. Ord. 2013-34, passed 1-8-13)
   Director of Planning and Growth Management, see § 31.18