(A)   It is hereby found and determined that the operation of an alarm system by any person, firm, corporation, partnership, or other responsible party within the city without a valid registration constitutes a public nuisance. Operation of the alarm without a valid registration is a violation of this chapter. A violation of this section may subject the responsible parties including, but not limited to, the real property owner to action by the city which shall include, but shall not be limited to, proceedings before the Special Magistrate for the city code enforcement pursuant to Ch. 37 of this code of ordinances, or prosecution in the County Court.
   (B)   It is hereby determined that the occurrence of an alarm incident caused by an alarm system for which no registration has been issued is a violation of this chapter, which shall subject the responsible parties to action by the city as set forth in division (A) above.
(Ord. 85-20, passed 1-29-85; Am. Ord. 92-04, passed 10-29-91; Am. Ord. 93-30, passed 3-2-93; Am. Ord. 2005-63, passed 6-28-05)