For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CULTURAL FACILITY. A building or structure which is used for the programing, production, presentation, exhibition of any of the arts and cultural disciplines including, but not limited to, music, dance, theatre, creative writing, literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, folk arts, photography, crafts, public media, history, and the execution and exhibition of other such allied, major cultural forms, as well as the auditoriums, banquet rooms and other areas within or adjacent to such buildings or structures owned, leased, operated or managed by or under the control of or assigned for upkeep, maintenance, or operation by the city and all related air rights including, but not limited to, Pompano Beach Cultural Arts Center, Pompano Beach Amphitheater, Ali Cultural Arts Center, Bailey Contemporary Arts Center and the Blanche Ely House Museum.
   DEPARTMENT. As used in this chapter either Parks and Recreation Department or Cultural Affairs Department and their staff, depending upon the respective facility and event or program, and unless otherwise stated.
   DESIGNATED CHILDREN PLAY AREAS. An area or section within a city park designated for use by children ages 12 or younger only and posted by signage at prominent locations indicating such limited occupancy and use.
   EVIDENCE OF RESIDENCY. As used in this chapter and relating to discount fees for all municipal facilities, may be established upon producing a current government issued photo identification and proof of any of the following:
      (1)   Presentation of a declaration of domicile recorded in the Public Records of Broward County or a Broward County voter's registration card, which shows that the individual resides within the corporate limits of the City of Pompano Beach.
      (2)   Proof of property ownership, a copy of a current and validly executed lease agreement, copies of the most recent water, electric, gas or other utility bills, which demonstrate that the individual resides within the corporate limits of the City of Pompano Beach.
   MEMBER. Any person who holds a playing privilege; members shall have no rights or privileges other than the playing period.
   PARK RECREATIONAL FACILITY. Any park, playground, recreation fields, pavilion, gazebo, hut, publicly designated open space and greenway, bikeway, trail, picnic area, concession stand, kitchen area, outdoor grill area, ranges, splash pads, natural area, forest, preserve, hammock, waterways, water recreational areas, docks, swimming pool, tennis court, and the areas designated for parking, roadways, walkways, paths, trails, restroom, public service, maintenance, storage, and grounds which are provided in connection with such facilities, and other improvements thereto, or any other area in the city, owned, operated, or managed by or under the control of or assigned for upkeep, maintenance, or operation by the city and all related air rights owned, operated, or managed by the city and devoted to active or passive recreation including, but not limited to, the Pompano Beach Golf Course, and Public Beach.
   PARK RANGER. A person hired and authorized by the city to patrol city park grounds, recreational facilities including public beaches, to ensure public compliance with designated portions of the Code of Ordinances. The Park Ranger shall be responsible for enforcement of the Code and shall have the authority to issue civil citations to violators for prohibited activities at the above locations as set forth by the Code.
   PERMIT. An administrative or recreation or cultural facility document granting an individual or organization exclusive use of a City of Pompano Beach facility which is normally open to the public. The permit shall set forth the terms and conditions including applicable fees for use in accordance with approved policies and procedures. Additionally, the applicant shall be required to comply with all applicable laws and ordinances.
   POMPANO BEACH PUBLIC BEACH. That portion of the beach bounded on the north by a line 19.6 feet south of and parallel to the south lot line of lot 4, Silver Beach, which boundary is also the south property line of 504 North Ocean Boulevard; on the west by the sidewalk on the east side of North Pompano Beach Boulevard; on the south by the north lot line of lot 2, block 1, Blount Brothers subdivision, this line also being the north line of the property located at 8 Briny Avenue; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Excluded from the above description is the existing Pompano Beach Fishing Pier and its adjacent parking lot. The public beach shall also include those areas set forth in § 98.14 of the Pompano Beach Code of Ordinances. The terms municipal beach, public beach, and municipal public beach as used in this chapter are synonymous.
      (1)   Any organized formation, parade, procession, or assembly consisting of persons, animals, vehicles, or any combination thereof, traveling in unison and with a common purpose upon any public street, highway, alley, sidewalk, courtyard, plaza, open space, or other public way which does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulations or controls; or
      (2)   Any other organized activity or set of activities conducted by an individual, group, or entity for a common or collective use or benefit including, but not limited to, events providing food concessions or alcoholic beverages, utilizing vendors or charging admission to invitees, exhibiting, showcasing or retailing products and which may involve the use of a park recreational or cultural facility or recreation activities center or the provision of city services ancillary to such use, including, but not limited to, road closures, Fire Rescue inspections or personnel, law enforcement or Public Works personnel, or the issuance of a building permit.
      (3)   CITY PUBLIC EVENT is an event which is initiated, financed and executed by the city and approved by the City Commission, not including arts and cultural programming. Examples of CITY PUBLIC EVENTS include the Annual Nautical Flea Market, July 4 Celebration, Music Under The Stars and the Annual Yuletide Celebration, Old Town Untapped and Green Market Pompano Beach. It does not include events in which the city is merely listed as a co-sponsor.
   PUBLIC EVENT COMMITTEE. The PUBLIC EVENT COMMITTEE shall review all public event applications to approve or disapprove and set conditions for any such event based upon the criteria set forth in this chapter. The PUBLIC EVENT COMMITTEE shall be comprised of representatives as appointed by the City Manager from the following departments: Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Cultural Affairs, city’s law enforcement agency, Risk Management, Development Services, Parking Enforcement, and Fire Rescue.
   RECREATION CENTER OR RECREATION ACTIVITIES CENTER. Auditoriums, banquet rooms, and other recreational areas within or adjacent to buildings owned, leased, operated, or managed by or under the control of or assigned for upkeep, maintenance, or operation by the city and all related air rights including, but not limited to, the Aquatics Center, Houston/Sworn Aquatic Center, Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, E. Pat Larkins Civic Center, Herb Skolnick Civic Center, Charlotte J. Burrie Civic Center, and Municipal Tennis Center; such facilities as identified and regulated under §§ 98.45 through 98.53, entitled "Recreation Activities Center."
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