(A)   The recreation centers are considered to be provided primarily for the programs, activities, and events promoted, sponsored, and conducted by the city and its various departments. To the extent that the recreation center is not fully utilized by programs, activities or events of the city, the city may give use of its facilities to other organizations and individuals.
   (B)   For those hours of operation that the recreation activities centers are not being utilized for programs, activities or events by the city or its departments, the following shall be utilized as a priority preference list for the scheduling of programs, activities or events at the recreation center:
      (1)   Use by resident non-profit organizations as defined in Section 98.47 (A) (1) for use which will not be for fund-raising purposes nor where any good will donation is solicited or expected by the resident non-profit organization.
      (2)   Use by any group, organization or individual, for use which will not be for a fund-raising purpose nor where any good will donation is solicited or expected by the group, organization, or individual.
      (3)   Use by any other group, organization or individuals for purposes not set forth above, provided, however, that resident non-profit organizations shall be given a higher preference in scheduling than non-resident groups, organizations or individuals.
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