(A)   The City Commission hereby adopts and approves the Community Redevelopment Plan presented by the Community Redevelopment Agency and as attached to Ord. 90-9, passed 10-24-89, and which is hereby adopted by reference.
   (B)   The City Commission finds that the Plan provides for the following:
      (1)   A feasible method for the location of families who will be displaced from the Community Redevelopment Area in decent, safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations within their means and without undue hardship to such families;
      (2)   The Community Redevelopment Plan conforms to the Pompano Beach Comprehensive Plan;
      (3)   The community redevelopment gives due consideration to the provision of adequate park and recreational areas and facilities that may be desirable for neighborhood improvement, with special consideration for the health, safety and welfare of children residing in the Community Redevelopment Area; and
      (4)   The Community Redevelopment Plan affords maximum opportunity, consistent with the sound needs of the city as a whole, for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Community Redevelopment Area by private enterprise.
(Ord. 90-9, passed 10-24-89)