(A)   The City Commission hereby delegates to the Agency each of the powers set forth in F.S. § 163.370, with the exception of the following powers which are not delegated to the Agency:
      (1)   The power to zone or rezone any part of the municipality or make exceptions from building regulations (F.S. § 163.370(1)(l)).
      (2)   The power to close, vacate, plan, or re-plan streets, roads, sidewalks, ways, or other places and to plan or re-plan any part of the municipality (F.S. § 163.370(1)(m)).
   (B)   Within the community redevelopment area, the City Commission specifically approves of the exercise of the power of eminent domain by the Agency and that power is hereby conferred upon the Agency.
   (C)   However, the city retains the right to exercise any of the powers delegated herein to the Agency and such powers shall not be deemed to be vested exclusively in the Agency.
(Ord. 89-27, passed 12-20-88; Am. Ord. 2005-39, passed 2-22-05)