(A)   Police officers and dispatchers and firefighters who are members of the city's employee's pension plan at the time of adoption of this retirement system shall be eligible to become members of this system. Any other police officer, dispatcher, or firefighter shall be eligible to become a member if at least 18 years of age provided the following standards are met.
      (1)   The employee satisfactorily completes all required medical examinations for an employee of his classification.
      (2)   The employee meets all requirements of the Civil Service Board of the city except the probationary period.
   (B)   Each employee who is eligible to become a member of this system in accordance with the eligibility provisions above shall, if required by state law, be required to become a member as a condition of continued employment by the city as an employee. Reentry into the system after discontinuance of prior participation shall be permitted on a uniform, nondiscriminatory basis and upon compliance with the provisions of subsection (A)(1) and subsection (A)(2) above. However, any person who was previously a member of the system and who is rehired as a classified employee on or after January 1, 1977, shall be eligible for reentry into the system, notwithstanding the age limitation of subsection (A) above; further provided, however, no credit shall be given for any period of time during the interruption of service. Credit for prior service shall be granted only upon repayment in full of all monies previously refunded to the member, together with such interest at the rate or rates assumed for actuarial purposes as shall be certified by the actuary to be due, payable one-half of the total amount due within three months from the date of reentry and the balance of total amount due within six months from date of reentry. If repayment in full is not made as aforesaid, any monies paid pursuant to this section shall be refunded plus interest at the rate set forth in § 34.061(D), and there shall be no further opportunity to obtain credit for prior service.
   (C)   All employees in similar circumstances shall be treated alike on a uniform, nondiscriminatory basis.
   (D)   It is the intention of the City Commission that Ordinance 84-66 have retroactive effect such that any police officer, dispatcher, or firefighter currently employed on the effective date of Ordinance 84-66 who was not more than 46 years of age on his date of employment shall become a member of the Police and Firefighters Retirement System retroactive to said date of employment.
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