(A)   The city code is hereby amended to redesignate § 153.01 from being a reserved section in the city code to being the chapter of the city code which establishes zoning districts and zoning regulations, and provides for their administration, enforcement and amendment.
   (B)   Section 153.01 which specifically establishes:
      (1)   Nine zoning districts, including "RR" Rural Residential District, "CR" Conventional Single Family Residential District, "MR" Mixed Single Family Residential District, "MFR" Multiple Family Residential District, "NC" Neighborhood Commercial District, "GC" General Commercial District, "CBD" Central Business District, "LI" Light Industrial District and "GI" General Industrial District;
      (2)   Provisions relating to the administration of the zoning regulations;
      (3)   Provisions regarding the application and procedures for zoning changes including appeals, variances and judicial review of zoning decisions;
      (4)   Zoning district regulations;
      (5)   Height and area regulation exceptions;
      (6)   Accessory and temporary use regulations;
      (7)   Parking regulations;
      (8)   Nonconforming uses; and
      (9)   Provisions concerning violation of the zoning regulations, the city's legal and equitable rights and remedies in the event of a violation and the assessment of penalties for the violation of the zoning regulations which includes a fine of $200 for each offense with each day a violation occurs being a separate offense is hereby authorized and approved.
   (C)   The zoning regulations outlined in § 153.01 are hereby deemed to be desireable, beneficial and necessary to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the public and the citizens of the City of Pleasanton.
   (D)   The zoning regulations which are a part of § 153.01 are contained in the document attached hereto as Attachment No. 1 and incorporated herein for all purposes.
   (E)   The City Manager is hereby instructed to incorporate the zoning regulations adopted herein and attached hereto as Attachment No. 1 in the city code as § 153.01 so that the updated and current copy of the city code is available to the public.
   (F)   The City Secretary shall publish a descriptive caption or title of this section stating in summary the purpose of this section, including the penalty for violation of this section, in the official newspaper of the City of Pleasanton at least twice within ten days after passage of this section.
   (G)   It is officially found, determined and declared that the meeting at which this section is adopted was open to the public and public notice of the time, place and subject matter of the public business to be considered at that meeting, including this section was given, all as required by Tex. Gov't Code, Title5, Ch. 551.
   (H)   This section shall become effective on August 2, 1999.
(Ord. 1163, passed 6-7-1999; Ord. 1166, passed 6-28-1999)