It is unlawful for any person at any point within three hundred feet (300') of any stream or watercourse, or tributary thereof, from which culinary or domestic water for the inhabitants of the city is derived, or within one thousand five hundred feet (1,500') above the place where water is taken into the waterworks of the city, to do or to permit to be done, any of the following:
   A.   To construct or maintain any corral, sheep pen, pig pen, goat pen, chicken coop, stable or other offensive or contaminating yards or outhouses;
   B.   To deposit, pile, unload or leave any manure, or offensive rubbish, or carcass of any dead animal;
   C.   To drive or permit to run at large any loose cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hogs or other animals;
   D.   To stake or graze horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, goats or other animals within three hundred feet (300') of the banks of such stream;
   E.   To permit any horses, cattle, sheep, goats or hogs or other animals to water directly from the stream;
   F.   To throw or deposit any garbage or other deleterious matter of any kind anywhere within the limits;
   G.   To wade or bathe in the stream;
   H.   To wash dishes or other articles in the stream;
   I.   To construct, use or maintain any closet, privy, outhouse, cesspool or sewage disposal system, or any public bathhouse or swimming tank;
   J.   To in any way pollute any such stream, water supply or source of water supply; or
   K.   To violate any state or federal water source protection laws. (1990 Code § 13.04.230; amd. 2003 Code)