10-1-11: GENERAL PLAN:
   A.   Established; Filing: There is hereby adopted as the official general plan of the city, to be used as an advisory guide for land use decisions and is filed in the office of the city recorder. (Ord. 2004-19, 8-17-2004)
   B.   Amendment Of Plan: If the legislative body deems it necessary to amend portions of the general plan, they may do so by following the procedures required by Utah Code Annotated section 10-9-303. (Ord. 97-1, 2-4-1997; amd. 2003 Code; Ord. 2004-19, 8-17-2004)
   C.   Effect Of Plan On Public Uses:
      1.   After the legislative body has adopted a general plan or any amendments to the general plan, no street, park or other public way, ground, place or space, no publicly owned building or structure, and no public utility, whether publicly or privately owned, may be constructed or authorized until and unless:
         a.   It conforms to the plan; or
         b.   It has been considered by the planning commission and, after receiving the advice of the planning commission, approved by the legislative body as an amendment to the general plan. (Ord. 97-1, 2-4-1997; amd. 2003 Code)
      2.   a. Before accepting, widening, removing, extending, relocating, narrowing, vacating, abandoning, changing the use, acquiring land for, or selling or leasing any street or other public way, the legislative body shall submit the proposal to the planning commission for its review and recommendations.
         b.   If the legislative body approves any of the items contained in subsection C2a of this section, it shall also amend the general plan, if necessary.
   D.   Charge And Responsibility: The community development department shall have charge of and be responsible for the upkeep and implementation of the city's general plan. (Ord. 97-1, 2-4-1997; amd. 2003 Code; Ord. 2004-19, 8-17-2004)