It is unlawful for any person, by or for whom any excavation is made in a public street for any purpose, to fail to cause a barricade, rail or other sufficient fence to be placed so as to enclose the excavation, together with the dirt, gravel or other material thrown therefrom, and to maintain the barricade during the whole time for which the excavation continues; and it is unlawful for any person to fail to have lighted lanterns or some other proper and sufficient lights affixed to parts of the barricade, or in some other proper manner over or near the excavation, and over and near the dirt, gravel or other material taken therefrom, and so kept from the beginning of twilight through the entire night during all the time the excavation exists. It is unlawful for any person wilfully and unlawfully to extinguish, remove, diminish, deface or interfere with the lights or any highway sign, signal, notice, or warning or to tear down, or remove, or interfere with any rail, fence or barricade fixed in accordance with the provisions of this section. (Ord. 97-6, 12-18-1997)



1. See also chapter 8 of this title.