A.   Required: An application for license shall be in writing and filed for each place of business and for separate businesses operated by the same individual whether or not the separate businesses are located on the same premises. The application shall contain the information required by the provisions of this chapter, together with any other information reasonably required by the supervisor. (Ord. 2000-27, 8-1-2000)
   B.   Contents: Application for license shall be made in writing. All certificates of license shall be signed by the mayor and attested by the city recorder or designee under the seal of the city. The application shall show: (Ord. 2000-27, 8-1-2000; amd. 2003 Code)
      1.   The name of the person desiring a license.
      2.   The kind of license desired, stating the business, calling, trade or profession to be performed, practiced or carried on.
      3.   The class of license desired, if such licenses are divided into classes.
      4.   The place where the business, calling, trade or profession is to be carried on, giving the street number, if such business, calling, trade or profession is to be carried on in any building or enclosure.
      5.   The period of time for which the license is desired to be issued.
      6.   The application shall also state any other matter or thing required by law or statute.
      7.   There shall be presented with the application for license satisfactory evidence that the business and the premises comply with all applicable state and federal, fire, building, electrical, health and sanitation code specifications. Certification in writing to this effect, signed by the applicable state and/or federal department, city building inspector, chief of police, fire chief and/or county health department inspector shall be sufficient evidence for the purposes of this section. For an existing previously licensed business, the inspections will be done throughout the year. (Ord. 2000-27, 8-1-2000)