Zoning Purpose And Interpretation   1
Rules And Definitions   2
General Zoning Provisions   3
Zoning Districts And Maps   4
F-1 Floodplain District   5
A-1 Agricultural District   5A
Residential Districts   6
R-1 One-Family Residence District   6A
R-2 One-Family Residence District   6B
R-3 One-Family Residence District   6C
R-4 One-Family Residence District   6D
R-5 General Residence District   6E
R-6 Duplex Residence District   6F
R-7 General Residence District   6G
R-8 General Residence District - Planned Unit Development (Special Use)   6H
R6-AT Attached Residential District   6I
R-2A One-Family Residence District   6J
Business Districts   7
B-1 Office District   7A
B-2 Limited Business District   7B
B-3 General Business District   7C
B-4 Business/Wholesale District   7D
B-5 Service Business District   7E
B-6 Business District - Planned Unit Development (Special Use)   7F
Manufacturing Districts   8
M-1 Limited Manufacturing District   8A
M-2 General Manufacturing District   8B
M-3 General Manufacturing District - Planned Unit Development (Special Use)   8C
Nonconforming Buildings, Structures And Uses   9
Off Street Parking And Loading   10
Planned Unit Development   11
Zoning Administration And Enforcement   12
Trailers, Mobile Homes, And Recreational Vehicles   13
Sign Regulations   14
Site Plan Review   15
Wireless Telecommunications Towers And Antennas   16
Sexually Oriented Businesses   17