No person, except as authorized by the Superintendent of the Electrical System, except the Fire Department in the discharge of its duties, shall shut off the electrical current, remove utility poles or transmission lines nor in any way interfere with, injure, break or deface any transmission line, pole or other property of the city electrical system. If any person requests any utility pole to be removed from its existing location and it is the opinion of the Superintendent of the Electrical System and the Mayor that the present location of said utility pole is satisfactory as far as the city is concerned, the person requesting the moving of said pole shall pay the entire cost of moving the said pole. Any person damaging a transformer, transmission line or pole or any connection thereto shall notify the Electrical System Department, the County Sheriff or the Finance Officer at once, and the person responsible for the damage shall pay the cost of repairs or replacements.
(Prior Code, § 16-2-18)