(A)   Each owner or electrical user must provide at his or her own expense a suitable place for the electrical meter, safe from damage and accessible for examination. In all cases where the meter is injured or damaged by the act of neglect of the occupant of the premises, or his or her agents or servants, the cost of repair of replacing the same shall be paid by the owner or occupant and in case of neglect or refusal to pay the same on demand, the electrical supply may be turned off or the meter removed, or both, and shall not be again turned on until such cost and penalty of $40 for turning off and on is paid.
   (B)   The owner or occupant of premises where the electrical meter is located shall see that the meter is kept free from obstruction on or around the same, and conveniently accessible during all the reasonable hours of the day for the purpose of reading, inspecting or repairing such meter.
   (C)   If the consumer or property owner refuses to grant access to any electrical meter or refuses to keep free access to said electrical meter for the purpose of reading or checking by the electrical system, the electrical current may be shut off from such property and not be turned on again until such violations have been corrected and an extra charge of $40 has been paid.
(Prior Code, § 16-2-10)