The following rules and regulations are hereby established for the governing of the electrical power system of the city, and the control of all persons doing any wiring in and upon any of the electrical transmission lines, connections or appliances appertaining to the city electrical system.
   (A)   Any person applying for and receiving electricity from the electrical power system belonging to the city, receives such electricity on the express condition that such electricity is taken subject to all rules, regulations and penalties provided by the city for any infraction of said rules and regulations.
   (B)   The rules and regulations prescribed in this chapter shall not be considered as a contract between the city and any parties affected thereby in a manner as to prohibit the Council from altering or amending the same, or from establishing such additional and reasonable regulations as may from time to time appear to be necessary.
   (C)   If any electrician fails to obey all regulations set forth in the electrical power code, it shall be within the authority of the Superintendent of the electrical distribution system to refuse any more permits to said electrician until all violations have been corrected.
(Prior Code, § 16-2-2)