(A)   Wherever possible, meters shall be located in the cellar or basement of the building to be supplied with water and provided with a stop and waste between the meter and the main; provided, that the Superintendent of Water and Sewers may permit the locating of the meters in other places when, in his or her opinion, such meter shall be safe from frost or other destructive conditions. No meter will be allowed in a pit under the floor of a dwelling or building, unless there is a trap door directly over the meter pit, unless special permission is obtained to do otherwise. The by-pass around the meter shall have an approved valve that can be locked or sealed by the Water Department. There shall also be a valve on each side of the meter.
   (B)   The correct size of meter to be used on any service shall be determined by the Superintendent of the Water Department. If requested, a three-quarters meter will be provided at the owner’s expense.
(Prior Code, § 13-1-25)