(A)   The Water Department will not be responsible for service pipes and fixtures. All service pipes and fixtures on the premises and up to the tap of the city main shall be installed and kept in good working order, and properly protected from frost and other danger, at the expense of the owner or person in possession of the premises served. If such owner or person shall fail to properly repair any leaky service pipe or other apparatus promptly upon receipt of due notice from the Superintendent, his or her assistants or any person authorized by him or her, the water may immediately be shut off from said premises and remain shut off until the necessary repairs have been made. The city shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the breaking of any of the service pipe or apparatus, or for any other damage that may result from shutting off water for repairing or for any other purpose, or for any variation in pressure. No reduction will be made from the regular water rates because of leaking fixtures.
   (B)   If a service line develops a leak between the main and the curb box on any service pipe and is not immediately repaired, the Superintendent of the Water Department may cause said service pipe to be repaired and assess the actual cost of the repair plus 10% to the property.
(Prior Code, § 13-1-17)