(A)   There shall be a brass curb stop in each service pipe. Such stop shall be of the inverted ground key type and be under the exclusive control of the Water Department; said curb stop to be placed in the pipe on the outer side of the sidewalk or at the alley line, where it is readily accessible at all times; and no person not a direct employee of the city shall open or close or otherwise interfere with said curb stop. In no case, shall a curb stop be placed on private property.
   (B)   There shall also be a stop cock in every cellar or basement served, of the compression stop and drain type, to enable consumers to turn the water off in case of accidents to the pipes on the premises and to drain the pipes to prevent freezing. No drains shall be placed or maintained in curb stops.
(Prior Code, § 13-1-13) Penalty, see § 52.99