(A)   Every service pipe must be of copper or plastic and laid with sufficient waving and in such manner as to prevent rupture in settlement.
   (B)   All copper pipe used for underground service shall be type “K” soft copper.
   (C)   No service line stop or fittings shall be less than three-quarters inch in diameter.
   (D)   The following sizes of taps in water mains shall not be exceeded:
      (1)   Pipe size in inches: three, four and six; and
      (2)   Tape size in inches: three-fourths, one and one and one-quarter.
   (E)   Where more than one tap is required, such taps shall be placed at least 18 inches apart on the main, and in no case shall a tap be made closer than 24 inches from face of bell.
   (F)   Service pipes must not be extended from one premises to another. All underground couplings on copper pipe shall be of the flare type.
(Prior Code, § 13-1-9)