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Plainwell Overview
Plainwell, MI Code of Ordinance
Plainwell, MI Code of Ordinances
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Code Adoption
Chapter 2: Recodification
Chapter 3: Purchasing
Chapter 4: Emergency Preparedness Policy and Organization
Chapter 5: Merit System of Personnel Management
Chapter 6: Compensation Commission
Chapter 7: Ordinance Enforcement
Chapter 8: Licenses
Chapter 9: Public Safety
Chapter 10: Board of Health
Chapter 11: City Parks
Chapter 12: Downtown Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan
Chapter 13: Downtown Development Authority
Chapter 14: Planning Commission
Chapter 15: Parks and Tree Commission
Chapter 16: Special Assessment
Chapter 17: Municipal Civil Infraction
Chapter 18: Michigan Vehicle Code
Chapter 19: Uniform Traffic Code
Chapter 20: Traffic Control on School Property
Chapter 21: Unused, Dismantled or Inoperable Vehicles, Machinery or Equipment
Chapter 22: Offenses
Chapter 23: Fireworks
Chapter 24: Frisbees; Skateboards; Rollerskates
Chapter 25: Nuisances
Chapter 26: Animals
Chapter 27: Refuse Bin Safety Standard
Chapter 28: Garbage
Chapter 29: Trees
Chapter 30: Yard Waste
Chapter 31: Burning
Chapter 32: False Alarm
Chapter 33: Environmental Cleanup and Cost Recovery
Chapter 34: Cost Recovery
Chapter 35: Sewer Use
Chapter 36: Water Use
Chapter 37: Water Supply Wells; Contamination
Chapter 38: Groundwater Protection
Chapter 39: Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Permits
Chapter 40: Street Vacations
Chapter 41: Streets and Alley; Driveways
Chapter 42: Snow Removal; Places of Business or Service
Chapter 43: Access to and Use of Public Rights-of-Way by Telecommunications Providers
Chapter 44: Gas Utilities
Chapter 45: Energy Marketing Franchise
Chapter 46: Charter Communications Franchise
Chapter 47: Electric Power Franchise
Chapter 48: Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes
Chapter 49: Dangerous Buildings
Chapter 50: Housing Code
Chapter 51: Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 52: Signs
Chapter 53: Zoning Code
Chapter 54: Table of Special Ordinances: Rezonings
Chapter 55: Video Service Providers
Chapter 56: Taxes
Chapter 57: Marihuana Establishments
Chapter 58: Complete Streets
Chapter 59: Fair Housing

Plainwell, Michigan

Supplement contains: Local legislation passed through Ordinance 392, adopted August 22, 2022