(A)   The Mayor shall have the powers and duties as described in the Charter and as follows:
      (1)   Set the agenda for all Council meetings, subject to Council override as provided in Section 3.01(A)(12).
      (2)   Attend all Council meetings and shall have the right to take part in discussions and may only vote to break a tie;
      (3)   Perform all ceremonial duties and functions as necessary for non- administrative purposes;
      (4)   Act as the chief spokesperson for the Municipality in dealing with other governments;
      (5)   Affix the Mayor's seal to official documents and instruments of the Municipality, which shall be the seal of the Municipality, but the absence of such seal shall not affect the validity of any such document or instrument;
      (6)    To perform such other powers, duties and functions as provided under this Charter, the Municipality's ordinances and resolutions, and the laws of Ohio, to the extent that such laws are consistent with this Charter and the Municipality's ordinances and resolutions; and
      (7)   Appoint members to boards and commissions with the approval of the Council.