(A)    Candidates for Mayor shall have been electors of the Municipality, including in any area annexed to the Municipality, for at least one year immediately prior to the time they file for or are appointed to office, and during a term of office the Mayor shall remain so qualified.
   (B)   The Mayor need not be a full-time official of the Municipality and may hold other employment as permitted by the law of the State of Ohio, including all ethics laws, and shall not have interests in any contracts before the Municipality.
   (C)   The Mayor shall not hold any other public office during a term, except the Mayor may hold office in a political party or be a delegate to a political party convention, serve as a notary public, serve as a member or officer in the military reserve or national guard, serve in any office, position or capacity to further intergovernmental cooperation, and may hold office permitted by this Charter or the laws of Ohio.