(a)   Compliance Required.
      (1)   No structure or land shall hereafter be located, erected, constructed, reconstructed, repaired, extended, converted, enlarged or altered without full compliance with the terms of this chapter and all other applicable regulations which apply to uses within the jurisdiction of this chapter, unless specifically exempted from filing for a development permit as stated in Section 1309.03(i).
      (2)   Failure to obtain a floodplain development permit shall be a violation of this chapter and shall be punishable in accordance with Section 1309.06(c).
      (3)   Floodplain development permits issued on the basis of plans and applications approved by the Floodplain Administrator authorize only the use, and arrangement, set forth in such approved plans and applications or amendments thereto.  Use, arrangement, or construction contrary to that authorized shall be deemed a violation of this chapter and punishable in accordance with Section 1309.06(c).
   (b)   Notice of Violation.   Whenever the Floodplain Administrator determines that there has been a violation of any provision of this chapter, he shall give notice of such violation to the person responsible therefore and order compliance with this chapter as hereinafter provided. Such notice and order shall:
      (1)   Be put in writing on an appropriate form;
      (2)   Include a list of violations, referring to the section or sections of this chapter that have been violated, and order remedial action which, if taken, will effect compliance with the provisions of this chapter;
      (3)   Specify a reasonable time for performance;
      (4)   Advise the owner, operator, or occupant of the right to appeal;
      (5)   Be served on the owner, occupant, or agent in person.  However, this notice and order shall be deemed to be properly served upon the owner, occupant, or agent if a copy thereof is sent by registered or certified mail to the person's last known mailing address, residence, or place of business, and/or a copy is posted in a conspicuous place in or on the dwelling affected.
   (c)   Violations and Penalties.  Violation of the provisions of this chapter or failure to comply with any of its requirements shall be deemed to be a strict liability offense, and shall constitute a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.  Any person who violates this chapter or fails to comply with any of its requirements shall upon conviction thereof be fined or imprisoned as provided by the laws of the Village of Plain City.  Each day such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.  Nothing herein contained shall prevent the Village of Plain City from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.  The Village of Plain City shall prosecute any violation of this chapter in accordance with the penalties stated herein.  (Ord. 12-06.  Passed 9-11-06.)