(a)    Abandonment Defined. If any sign shall become abandoned, in a manner defined herein, such sign is declared a public nuisance by reason that continued lack of use results in lack of reasonable and adequate maintenance, thereby causing deterioration and creating a blighting influence on nearby properties. An abandoned sign shall be any sign that meets one or more of the following conditions:
      (1)    Any sign associated with an abandoned, nonconforming use;
      (2)    Any sign that remains after the termination of a business. A business shall be considered terminated if it has ceased operations for at least 30 consecutive days. Seasonal businesses are exempted from this determination.
      (3)    When the sign on its immediate premises is not maintained in accordance with Section 1199.09(b)(l).
      (4)    The sign is not repaired as directed by the Zoning Inspector in accordance with the standards of Section 1199.09(b)(2).
   (b)    The Zoning Inspector shall notify the property owner and the owner of the sign if they can be located, of the determination that said sign is abandoned. Upon determination that the sign is abandoned, the right to maintain and use such sign shall terminate immediately. The Zoning Inspector or designee shall issue an order for the sign to be removed within thirty days. Any abandoned sign still standing after thirty days following an order for removal may be removed by the Municipality and the cost of the removal certified to the County Auditor for collection as a special assessment against the property upon which such sign is located. The property owner or sign owner may appeal such decision to the Board of Zoning Appeals as provided in Chapter 1138. The Zoning Inspector shall maintain a photograph of said sign along with a written report of any finding in a permanent file.
(Ord. 5-14.  Passed 8-25-14.)