(a)    Fees. Prior to the erection of any sign, except as otherwise noted, a permit shall be secured from the Zoning Inspector. In applying for such permit, a scale drawing or drawings of proposed sign including details of fastenings, colors, lighting and any lettering, symbols, or other identification which will be on the sign and a plot plan showing its proposed location and location of adjacent buildings, access drives, and parking lots shall be submitted to the administrative office. When making an application for a sign permit, the investigation and compliance fees, in such amount as may be established by Council from time to time, shall be paid to the Municipality for each application.
   NOTE: No fee is required for signs exempted in Section 1199.03.
   (b)    Maintenance.
      (1)    Signs and supporting hardware, including temporary signs shall be structurally safe, clean, free of visible defects, and functioning properly at all times. Visible rot or rust, falling parts, visible light bulbs and electrical wiring, or broken parts are prima facia evidence that a sign is not in a state of good repair. Repairs to signs shall be equal to or better in quality of materials and design than the original sign.
      (2)    Notice to Repair. Whenever the Zoning Inspector, when making an inspection, finds a sign in need of repair, support, replacement, cleaning, repainting or any maintenance service necessary to maintain reasonable and proper appearance and public safety, he shall issue an order to the owner of such sign allowing thirty days to affect needed repairs or maintenance. Any party receiving the notice may file an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals. If such an appeal is not filed within fifteen calendar days of the date on which the notice is delivered, persons receiving the notice shall be responsible for repairing the sign or otherwise bringing it into conformance with the Ordinance. The repair work shall be accomplished within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the notice. If the Zoning Inspector believes that the lack of repair constitutes a danger to persons or to property other than that of those persons receiving the notice, the Zoning Inspector shall so state in the notice and the Village may seek immediate relief under the Building Code or under the laws of public nuisance or under any other legal relief available to the Village.
      (3)    Sign Removal or Replacement. When a sign is removed or replaced, all brackets, poles, and other structural elements that supported the sign shall also be removed. Affected building surfaces shall be restored to match the adjacent portion of the structure.
      (4)    Failure of an owner to comply with the provision listed above shall be cause for the Zoning Inspector to order the sign abandoned.
         (Ord. 5-14.  Passed 8-25-14.)