(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this zone is to:
      1.   Provide for manufacturing uses including assembly operations and industrial services to serve the community and provide employment and income to its residents.
      2.   Provide for the development of industrial facilities concentrated in well defined and well planned areas properly located in relation to utilities, access topography, and residential uses.
      3.   Create conditions conducive to a convenient and desirable working environment.
      4.   Provide an area for incubator industries or cottage industries to flourish and grow within a historic setting.
      5.   To provide an area that encourages tourist oriented uses such as campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks and conference facilities, stores, restaurants and other recreational uses and to ensure that such uses are constructed in such a way as to be compatible with adjoining planned industrial uses.
      6.   To provide for uses and areas that will encourage economic growth and encourage tourism both locally and regionally.
   (B)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Incidental wholesale and retail sales.
Outdoor storage.
Public and quasi-public facilities and uses.
   (C)   Conditional Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted when authorized in accordance with the provisions of section 10-3-3 of this title:
A processing facility for recyclable materials.
Campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks.
Conference facilities.
Equestrian centers.
Small and large collection recycling facilities.
The uses as stated in section 10-3-4 of this title.
   (D)   General Regulations:
      1.   Minimum parcel area: Six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      2.   Maximum building coverage: Sixty percent (60%).
      3.   Minimum parcel width: Sixty feet (60').
      4.   Maximum building height: Forty feet (40').
      5.   Minimum parcel frontage: Sixty feet (60').
      6.   Minimum yards: Front, twenty feet (20'); sides, twenty feet (20'); rear, twenty feet (20').
      7.   Maximum floor area ratio: 0.40.
   (E)   Definitions:
    CAMPGROUND: A plot of ground upon which two (2) or more campsites are located, established or maintained for occupancy by camping units of the general public as temporary living quarters for recreation, education or vacation purposes.
   EQUESTRIAN CENTER: A facility for horseback riding, staging, showing, keeping, training and accessory uses for horses. (Ord. 1510, 8-23-1994)