(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this zone is to:
      1.   Provide the land necessary for wholesale, bulk storage, industrial services, manufacturing, processing, packing and other heavy commercial activities to serve the community, and provide employment and income for its residents.
      2.   Provide for the development of heavy commercial, industrial and service facilities, concentrated in well planned areas properly located in relation to utilities, access, topography and residential uses.
      3.   Create conditions conducive to a convenient and desirable working environment, control the objectionable or dangerous effects of certain uses necessary in the community but detrimental to other areas, and protect the areas designated under this zone against the encroachment of uses which could be better located in areas less suited for heavy commercial activities. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)
   (B)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Animal clinic or shelter.
Bulk storage, wholesale, packing, truck, bus, taxi or rail terminal.
Gas station, new and used automobile sales and services.
Manufacturing, processing, services or research, provided that no odor, gas, fumes, dust, smoke, noise, vibrations, glare, heat, electrical interference, radioactive or waste material is produced or emitted beyond the confines of the property onto contiguous properties or into the air or watercourses, to an extent constituting a nuisance, and provided it does not constitute a physical hazard to persons or properties beyond the confines of the property by reason of fire, explosion or similar cause.
Office or retail sale.
One dwelling or one mobilehome for caretaker, watchman or person primarily employed on the property and his/her immediate family.
One sign not to exceed the allowable size established by section 10-4-17 of this title.
Public utility structure, fire station.
Reconstruction of single-family dwellings provided that the other regulations of this title are met.
Trade school. (Ord. 1610, 5-23-2006; amd. Ord. 1654, 6-25-2013)
   (C)   Conditional Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted when authorized in accordance with the provisions of section 10-3-3 of this title:
A processing facility for recyclable materials.
Antique stores.
Consignment stores.
Excavation of earth or building materials, mining or drilling for minerals and petroleum, garbage and rubbish fill and disposal, junk and wrecking yards.
Parking facilities and parking lots.
Small collection and large collection recycling facilities.
Used merchandise stores.
Uses as stated in section 10-3-4 of this title. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992; amd. Ord. 1636, 4-27-2010; Ord. 1649, 7-10-2012)
   (D)   General Regulations:
      1.   Minimum parcel area: Six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      2.   Maximum building coverage: Sixty percent (60%).
      3.   Minimum parcel width: Sixty feet (60').
      4.   Minimum yards: Front, ten feet (10'); sides and rear, five feet (5') or on the property line if there is a fireproof wall without opening.
      5.   Maximum building height: Fifty feet (50').
      6.   Minimum parcel frontage: Sixty feet (60'). (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)