(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this zone is to:
      1.   Provide for freeway oriented uses, such as fast food restaurants, gas stations and other uses which are necessary and convenient to the traveling public.
      2.   Provide for the development of highway commercial facilities concentrated in well defined and designed areas.
      3.   Create conditions conducive to a convenient and desirable environment for customers and employees.
      4.   Protect areas in this designation from encroachment by unrelated and incompatible uses.
      5.   Differentiate freeway and travel oriented uses from those of the downtown business district and other light commercial areas. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)
   (B)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Business professional and office uses.
Hotels and motels, retail sales and services, eating and drinking and entertainment establishments, financial institutions, one- or multi-family dwellings, and residential service facilities and employee housing, small, when above or below the ground floor.
One emergency shelter.
Reconstruction of single-family dwellings provided that the other regulations of this title are met. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992; amd. Ord. 1506, 11-23-1993; Ord. 1650, 7-10-2012; Ord. 1666, 9-23-2014; Ord. 1667, 10-28-2014)
   (C)   Conditional Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted when authorized in accordance with the provisions of section 10-3-3 of this title:
Antique stores.
Auto sales and services.
Consignment stores.
Fast food restaurants.
Gasoline service stations.
Reverse vending machines.
Used merchandise stores.
Uses stated in section 10-3-4 of this title. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992; amd. Ord. 1538, 2-11-1997; Ord. 1636, 4-27-2010; Ord. 1649, 7-10-2012)
   (D)   General Regulations:
      1.   Minimum parcel area: Six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      2.   Maximum building coverage: Sixty percent (60%).
      3.   Minimum parcel width: Sixty feet (60').
      4.   Minimum yards: None.
      5.   Maximum building height: Forty feet (40').
      6.   Minimum parcel frontage: Sixty feet (60').
      7.   Floor area ratio: 0.6. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)