(A)   Purpose: The provisions of this section are intended to accommodate the development of permanent, affordable housing for small households, persons with disabilities, the elderly, the former homeless or lower income individuals.
   (B)   Location: A single room occupancy (SRO) facility shall comply with the requirements of this section, where allowed by chapter 5, "Zone Regulations", of this title along with the general regulations within the allowed zones.
   (C)   Project Review And Approval: A proposed SRO facility shall require site plan review in compliance with section 10-4-9 of this chapter. Where specified in this title, an SRO facility shall require approval of a conditional use permit in compliance with sections 10-3-3 and 10-3-6 of this title.
   (D)   Development Standards:
      1.   Single Room Occupancy Facilities:
         (a)   Common Area: Four (4) square feet per living unit shall be provided, with at least two hundred (200) square feet in area of interior common space, excluding cleaning supply room, laundry facilities and common hallways.
         (b)   Laundry Facilities: Laundry facilities must be provided in a separate room at the ratio of one washer and one dryer for every twenty (20) units or fractional number thereof, with at least one washer and dryer per floor.
         (c)   Cleaning Supply Room: A cleaning supply room or utility closet with a washtub with hot and cold running water shall be provided on each floor of the SRO facility.
         (d)   Bicycle Parking: A minimum of one bicycle parking space shall be provided for every three (3) SRO units.
         (e)   Trash Enclosure: An SRO facility shall provide a trash enclosure, subject to the criteria of section 10-4-9, "Site Plan Review", of this chapter.
         (f)   Vehicle Parking: Off street parking shall be provided consistent with subsection 10-4-4(E) of this chapter.
      2.   Single Room Occupancy Units:
         (a)   Unit Size: An SRO unit shall have a minimum size of one hundred fifty (150) square feet and a maximum of four hundred (400) square feet.
         (b)   Occupancy: An SRO unit shall accommodate a maximum of two (2) persons.
         (c)   Bathroom: An SRO unit is not required to but may contain partial or full bathroom facilities. A partial bathroom facility shall have at least a toilet and sink; a full facility shall have a toilet, sink and bathtub, shower or bathtub/shower combination. If a full bathroom facility is not provided, common bathroom facilities shall be provided in accordance with the California building code for congregate residences with at least one full bathroom per floor.
         (d)   Kitchen: An SRO unit is not required to but may contain partial or full kitchen facilities. A full kitchen includes a sink, a refrigerator and a stove, range top or oven. A partial kitchen is missing at least one of these appliances. If a full kitchen is not provided, common kitchen facilities shall be provided with at least one full kitchen per floor.
         (e)   Closet: Each SRO unit shall have a separate closet.
         (f)   Code Compliance: SRO units shall comply with all requirements of the California building code.
   (E)   Accessibility: All SRO units and facilities shall comply with all applicable accessibility and adaptability requirements. All common areas shall be fully accessible.
   (F)   Management:
      1.   Facility Management: An SRO facility with fifteen (15) or more units shall provide on site management. An SRO facility with less than fifteen (15) units shall provide a management office on site.
      2.   Management Plan: A management plan shall be submitted with the required conditional use permit and/or site plan review application for an SRO facility and shall be approved by the planning commission, or city council upon appeal. The management plan must address management and operation of the facility, rental procedures, safety and security of residents and building maintenance.
   (G)   Tenancy: Tenancy of SRO units shall be limited to thirty (30) or more days.
   (H)   Existing Structures: An existing structure may be converted to an SRO facility, consistent with the provisions of this section and the development standards of the zone regulations of the zones in which the SRO is an authorized use.
   (I)   Business License: The organization or company operating the SRO facility shall obtain a city business license before commencing operations, in accordance with title 5, chapter 1 of this code. (Ord. 1664, 9-23-2014)