(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide for the payment of a fee in lieu of providing additional parking upon construction of a new facility, the expansion of a facility, or the annexation of an existing facility into a parking district.
   (B)   Definitions:
    APPLICANT: Any person, corporation or business entity who makes application for the construction of a new facility, the expansion of an existing facility, or the annexation of an existing facility into a parking district.
   CITY REGULATIONS: All rules and regulations of the city, whether ordinance, resolution or minute order, relating to parking.
   COST OF A PARKING PLACE: The estimated cost of providing a parking place as determined annually by resolution of the city council.
   DISTRICT: Any special assessment parking district.
   PARKING ADVISORY COMMISSION: The parking advisory commission of the city of Placerville as appointed by the city council.
   PARKING DISTRICT OR DISTRICT: Any special assessment parking district within the city.
   (C)   Procedure:
      1.   When an application is made for an expansion of use, the planning commission, upon recommendation of the parking advisory commission, shall either:
         (a)   Make a determination that the applicant shall comply with the city parking requirements as set forth in section 10-4-4 of this chapter, or
         (b)   Make a determination as to whether the applicant shall be required to pay a fee as set forth herein in lieu of providing additional parking. Said determination by the planning commission shall be made prior to the issuance of any permit for the expansion of use.
The planning commission shall determine whether or not sufficient parking exists within a six hundred foot (600') radius of the proposed expansion of use. When such a finding is made, the parking in lieu fee may be assessed, as provided for herein, upon recommendation of the planning commission and approval of the city council.
      2.   The payment of the in lieu fee shall be made a condition to any permit issued and shall be evidenced by an agreement in writing providing for the payment of the fee; said fee to be placed in the city parking fund for future use in acquiring, improving or developing parking within the parking district. Upon approval by the city, the payment of the fee may be amortized over a period of fifteen (15) years, with interest thereon at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum, payable annually.
   (D)   Exemptions And Credits:
      1.   Any existing structure assessed by special assessment for parking purposes may be replaced to the same size and usage without the payment of the fee.
      2.   If an existing building is replaced and the number of parking places required by city regulations are placed on the same site, then no fee will be required.
      3.   Where an existing structure is replaced by a larger structure, only the increased space shall be subject to the fee.
      4.   Unimproved property located within the district having been previously assessed shall be given credit against the fee for the amount of the assessment.
   (E)   Determination Of The Fee: The fee for each parking place required by the city regulations for the proposed expansion of use is determined by multiplying the cost of a parking place by a factor of one-half (1/2).
Example: Assume the cost of a parking place is twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00).
   Fee per space required=($12,000.00)x(1/2)=$6,000.00
   (F)   Default In The Payment Of The Fee: In the event the required fee is not paid, or in the event any installment payment of the fee is delinquent more than ten (10) days, the permit issued conditioned upon the payment of the fee shall be revoked and all remedies available to the city shall be enforced. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)