Procedure to collect abatement and related administrative costs from property owner on whose property the graffiti is located.
   (A)   Nuisance abatement costs shall include, but not be limited to, the costs of removal of the graffiti or other inscribed material, costs of repair and replacement of defaced property, and any administrative costs incurred regarding the processing of a lien.
   (B)   Notice is required prior to the recordation of the lien to the owner of record of the land where the graffiti is located, based on the last equalized assessment roll, or the supplemental roll, whichever is more current.
   (C)   Notice to the property owner shall be made prior to the collection of abatement and related costs and prior to the recordation of the lien on a parcel of land pursuant to the requirements of law as set forth in section 7-13-15 of this chapter. (Ord. 1561, 8-24-1999)