Any of the following acts within the city are declared a nuisance:
   (A)   Nuisances defined by state law; nuisances in fact.  Any of those acts or omissions declared nuisances by state laws and which are known as nuisances in the common law, not hereinafter enumerated in this subchapter, or those acts or omissions which are nuisances in fact.
   (B)   Nuisances defined by this code.  Any of those acts or omissions that are declared by this code to be nuisances.
   (C)   Unsafe, unsightly structures.  Any building, structure, street sign or billboard in an unsafe, hazardous or unsightly condition.
   (D)   Distillery, slaughterhouse and the like.  To carry on, use or occupy any distillery or slaughtering establishment or establishment for steaming or rendering lard, tallow, offal, dead animals or other substance of like nature without the permission of the City Council.
   (E)   Odors.  To engage in any activity which causes or produces unreasonably offensive odors. This division does not apply to those activities carried on in the public interest.
   (F)   Putrid substances.  To maintain or permit any substance on the premises which is or may become putrid or create an unhealthy condition.
   (G)   Noises.  To cause or allow unreasonably loud noises tending to cause alarm or to disturb the public peace and quiet.
   (H)   Continuing violations of this code.  To continue to do any act or omission which constitutes a violation of this code or other ordinance of the city.
   (I)   Attractive nuisances.  To create, maintain, or suffer an attractive nuisance to remain on the premises, as owner or occupant of any premises.
   (J)   Zoning violations.  To violate the provisions in Chapter 156 of this code.
   (K)   Unhealthy conditions.  To create, allow, maintain, or permit any condition which may endanger the public health.
   (L)   Encroachments.  To cause, allow, permit, or suffer any encroachment upon public ways or upon public grounds without obtaining a permit therefor.
   (M)   Violation of technical codes.  To cause, allow, permit, or suffer the violation of the city's building, electrical or fire prevention codes or any other technical code adopted by any provision of this code.
   (N)   Abandoned refrigerators.  To leave or permit standing outside of any structure or within any abandoned structure in a place accessible to children any abandoned, unattended or discarded icebox, refrigerator or other container which has an airtight door or lid with a snap lock or other locking device which cannot be released from the inside, except it shall not be a nuisance under this division if the door first is removed from the device.
   (O)   Littering.  To allow, suffer, permit, or cause to be dropped, thrown, discarded, placed or deposited on any public way or public place or on any private property when public property may be affected thereby any paper, glass, plastic, wood, metal, solid or liquid vegetable or animal compound, rubbish, garbage, waste, effluent, junk, debris, litter, solid waste or any combination thereof, except in a refuse receptacle or landfill site of the city.
('74 Code, § 18-1)  Penalty, see § 10.99
   Abandoned refrigerators, see § 95.06