(A)   Prerequisites.  No city utility shall be extended or connected to territory or property outside the city except as provided in this chapter.
   (B)   Costs of extension.  All infrastructure costs to connect to city utilities shall be borne by the property owner benefitted or served.  The mains shall be the property of the city, subject to all laws, rules and regulations of the city as if it were an extension within the city.  For all main extensions outside the city where easements, permits or other requirements are necessary, the property owner shall procure them in the name of the city from the proper authorities and file them with the Clerk at no cost to the city.
   (C)   Conformity with city ordinances.  All construction of extensions of the city’s utilities shall be in accordance with the provision of this code, subject to the approval of any commission having jurisdiction.
   (D)   Approval by City Attorney and other city agencies.  All legal requirements or documents pertaining to this section shall be approved by the Attorney after consultation with the Superintendent of Public Works and any other commission of the city or division of the city, without cost to the city or the City Attorney, after the outline of the scope of the work is approved by the Council.
   (E)   Discontinuance of service for violation.  If the requirements of this section are not complied with, the extension shall not be constructed.  If there is any violation of this section after construction is completed, the property or territory shall be disconnected and all claims or interest forfeited.  Any financial obligation concerning the extension of utility mains shall remain with the property or territory notwithstanding any future action of owners, renters or others served by utility extensions.
   (F)   Reimbursement where extension made available to others.  Upon request of the owner of property or territory not contiguous to the corporate limits for the extension of a city utility, an ordinance authorizing an agreement for individuals to obtain reimbursement for the improvement of a utility shall be passed by the Council.  The ordinance shall identify the improvement and its exact location.  Costs of the improvement shall be filed with the Clerk upon completion of construction, thereby making it possible for the city to collect from other property owners wishing to utilize the utility and reimburse the owner of property making the improvement.
('74 Code, §27-3)  (Ord. 865, passed 9-26-72; Am. Ord. 1279, passed 4-1-03; Am. Ord. 1368, passed 11-20-07)
   Extension of gas mains, see § 50.60