This chapter does hereby permit the Miami County Fair Housing Committee to assist with the implementation of the stated policies herein established by this chapter. The Miami County Fair Housing Committee is charged with the following duties.
   (A)   To investigate all complaints involving unlawful discriminatory practices in the city which are filed with the Fair Housing Officer.
   (B)   As the results of any investigations and where investigations merit consideration, the Committee shall:
      (1)   Endeavor by conciliation to resolve complaints;
      (2)   Dismiss complaints that are unfounded;
      (3)   Recommend that the parties involved file a complaint with the Civil Rights Commission of Ohio as provided in R.C. § 4112.05.
      (4)   Take any other action as it deems necessary in reference to the facts presented;
      (5)   Make recommendations to the Law Director for proper action on the complaint.
(‘97 Code, § 100.06) (Am. Ord. 6-94, passed 2-7-94)