(A)   In addition to the authority of Section 109 of the Ohio Fire Code, any Piqua firefighter or officer who is licensed by the State of Ohio in fire prevention may issue a civil citation for a violation of Chapter 93 of the Piqua Municipal Code or of the Ohio Fire Code for non life-threatening violations. All other violations are a first degree misdemeanor as specified by Piqua Municipal Code § 10.99.
      (1)   The citation shall provide notice of the section of the code violation and a description of the violation. The citation shall be issued to the property owner or if obtainable, to the person responsible for the violation, with a fine of $150. All fines shall be applied in remedying the violation if not resolved by the property owner or used for fire prevention education.
      (2)   When the violation is not an immediate life safety issue, a notice may be issued with a time for compliance. If the violation is not corrected within the allotted time frame then a citation may be issued, assessing the $150 fine.
      (3)   Each day that a violation exists after the notice period has expired is a separate violation and a separate notice may be issued for each day the violation is not corrected.
   (B)   Any person receiving a notice of violation or a civil citation may appeal administratively to the City Manager or his designee. Said notice of appeal shall be in writing and received by the Fire Chief within five days of receipt of the notice or citation. Said appeal hearing shall be heard within ten days of receipt of the appeal and a decision issued ten days after the hearing.
(Ord. 9-09, passed 8-3-09)